In Memory

In Memory

In memory and remembering our Founder Gordon A. Berg and those individuals that came along side Gordon and Pat because they believed in the vision and mission of  Action Ministries Houston, Inc. 

They were dedicated and passionate individuals and committed to the vision of AMH. We honor their memory.

They helped us to achieve great things. They were always willing to lend a helping hand and were always looking for ways to make our organization better.

We miss their wisdom, guidance, and friendship. They will be remembered for their commitment to our mission and their dedication to making a difference in the world.

This page is dedicated to the men and women who faithfully served Action Ministries Houston, Inc. over the years. They have graduated to heaven and received rewards for being faithful servants.

Gregory W. Berg, President AMH

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we reap a havest if we do not give up.

Galations 6:9 NIV



Our Founder Gordon A. Berg

In 1990, while recovering from a life-threatening disease, Gordon accepted a call from the Lord; and, he and his wife, Patricia, founded Action Ministries Houston, Inc. Their call was to introduce Jesus Christ and His saving knowledge to the unsaved through feeding and caring for the needy in Houston, Texas, the United States and throughout the world. The ministry shipped food, clothing, household goods, hospital equipment, radio station equipment, salvation tracts, Bibles, and personal products to fire victims, tornado victims, hurricanes victims, tsunami victims as well as to missionaries and pastors wherever and whenever needed. Their budget was small, many times under $100,000 a year but they always managed to send where things were needed. And it was all done without drawing a salary from the ministry.

Gordon also accepted a call to be ordained as a pastor in 1998 by Pastors Chuck and Suzanne Kaliczewski of Jesus Hour Ministries.

Gordon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015. Although the ministry had to down size on its activities, he insisted that the “Shoes for Souls” drive continue. He succumbed to the cancer in 2019 and the ministry went through reorganization.

We look to the future to continue the vision and work of Action Ministries Houston, Inc.


Chuck & Jeannie Jones

Charles “Chuck” and Jeanie gave us their unwavering support and believed in the vision and outreach of AMH. Chuck was a caring supporter and volunteered as financial advisor to the ministry.  Jeanie Jones was a prayer warrior and encourager. She had a gracious spirit. Jeanie and Chuck both participated and volunteered beyond measure.

Henry Flynn, Jr.

Henry lived out his faith. Even before they married Henry and Sue agreed to be active in church and tithe. Where ever they lived they served their local churchs. Henry taught youth and young adults, was church treasurer and traveled on several mission trips. Henry was a committed AMH Board member and involved with the work, vision and ministry of AMH. He also served on the Board of the local Crisis Pregnacy Center and Faithful Fathering.

Kelley Hallam

AMH was blessed by Kelley Hallam as a Board Member. He was kindhearted and generous. He gave great wisdom and insight to the ministry and it’s causes. Kelley was a committed giver to his local church and missionaries worldwide.