Shoes for Souls Reaches 1,000 Students

Thank you to all who participated in the 2023 Shoes for Souls Program and to all our faithful donors.  What a success! We involved twenty-one schools in the program (several were first time schools).

The staff and students were surprised by the quantity and quality of the shoes we provided. We have received pictures and thank-you notes. YOU made this possible through your support.


“It is a pleasure to serve these students on your behalf.  Your kindness and compassion will make a lasting impact the the 1,000 students we reached in 21 schools.”

Tim Berg, Second-Vice President

Here are just some of the "Thank You" messages we received!

From Holland Elementary

Hello Mr. Berg,

We were able to distribute all the shoes you delivered to us this morning. The kids were so excited. All wanting to wear them today!

We are so appreciative of this resource (as well as the prayers) you provide for our students.

I have attached a screenshot containing pictures and a message from us for you to share with the donors who help make this happen.

Jennisty Thomason
Holland Elementary School

Meridian High School