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We Have a Threefold Vision for Ministry

Shoes for Souls

Food Packaging


Shoes for Souls is an Outreach to meet the needs of students during the school year. Our goal is to provide 50 pairs of shoes per school campus we support. The shoes go to students that have been selected by the school personnel that have shown a need. Our current outreach is helping 20 campuses.

We realize that a pair of shoes will give confidence to the young person that will allow for success in all parts of their life.

Food Packaging is a ministry of meeting the nutritional needs of people. We combine Rice, Soy (or beans), Vegetable Supplement and Vitamin Supplement in an 8 by 4 package. Combine this with 6 cups of water and you have a hot meal that provides complete nutrition for a day. These packages are used for after school and weekend student meals, senior adult meals, and disaster relief areas. One package will provide enough food for 3 adults or 6 children.

Outreach meets the needs of people from local to global. We have people and teams that teach, discipline and challenge people to fulfill the great commission. Specific areas that we have people working in continuously are Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Mission Outreach, and Equipping of Pastors.  We also have resources allocated to meet the special needs of people in distress or disaster.

Our purpose  is to Transform Lives Through Action.

Help us Provide New Shoes

Good shoes are essential for students’ health and well-being. Students who are comfortable and confident are more likely to attend school regularly. 

However, many students cannot afford to buy new shoes. This can lead to them being uncomfortable, in pain and distracted in school, which can impact their attendance and academic performance 

Men's Ministry

At Action Ministries Houston, we believe in the power of strong families. That’s why our Men’s Ministry plays a vital role in our outreach efforts both locally and internationally. Through discipleship and encouragement, we aim to strengthen families and make a positive impact on communities around the world. Join us today and be a part of transforming lives through action.

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